Saturday, March 24, 2012

Buying Green: Top 5 green cleaning kits

Replace every toxic item in your home with a healthier substitute

Try out one of these 5 cleaning kits and find a greener home, free of synthetic-chemical-based cleaning supplies. These products are engineered to perform and deliver your home from the toxic air-polluting chemicals that traditional cleaners produce. These budget-minded kits provide not only a way of cleaning that is gentle on our bodies and the environment but they work better than you might think. Continued exposure to chemicals from traditional household cleaners contribute to cancer, problems with the central nervous system, brain function, respiratory difficulties, night sweats and worse! Small children and pets such as birds are also prey to neurotoxins which have been linked to thinks like developmental abnormalities and cancer.

Biokleen Cleaning Kit

Why: Tough on dirt, yet gentle on your skin, Biokleen's plant and mineral-based laundry detergent, The Soy cream cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, and dish soap contain no phosphates and no chemical smells, chlorine bleaches, or synthetic dyes and fragrances to leave your home green and healthy.
Where: Green Home
How much: $32

Method Detox Your Home Kit

Why: Method's versatile combination of 8 products—consisting of all-purpose cleaner, window and mirror cleaner, two bottles of hand wash, biodegradable cleaning wipes, dish soap that is both concentrated and smells great, a microfiber cloth, and a tote —all this with no phthalates, parabens, surfactants, , or petrolium based chemicals. I personally loved the lavender and green apple scents.
Nice touch: They offer product refills and the bottles are pretty sweet looking.
Where: HSN
How much: $20

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Spring Cleaning Kit

Why: Mrs. Meyer's offers a kit that is packed full of everything you'll need to replace most commonly used kitchen items with a green substitute. These cleaners double as aromatherapeutic also. Included with this kit are: window spray, liquid dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, and countertop spray. This company also produces all it's products without animal testing and of course are phosphate-free.
Nice touch: The natural essential oils smell fantastic!
How much: $11

Optionsforlife Time to Detox Set

Why:Try this on for size: Nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable, Optionsforlife's kit proves very versatile as well with a kitchen and bathroom cleaner, a multi-surface cleaner, a tub and tile cleaner, and a glass and window cleaner. This company takes it a step further by substituting chlorine bleach with hydrogen peroxide, chemical-acid cleaners for organic salt solutions, and non-biodegradable alcohol for less-irritating biodegradable solvents. You can also purchase concentrated refills!.
Where: Optionsforlife
How much: $14.95

Seventh Generation Free & Clear and Living Home Starter Kits

Why: For those who are sensitive to chemical smells: you'll especially appreciate this product line! Seventh Generation's line of fragrance-free branded cleaners within the Free & Clear Starter Kit includes glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, dish liquid, laundry detergent, and tote bag. Alternatively, replace most of the toxic items in your home with the Living Home Starter Kit's. This assortment of six naturally scented cleaners includes100 percent recycled paper towels and tote bag. As always, no chlorine bleach, harsh chemicals or phosphates.
Where: Seventh Generation
How much: $40 (Free & Clear); $45 (Living Home)

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